Smoke Detector Orchestra 2019

A performance based piece using modified smoke detectors as compositional tools.

Researching the psychoacoustic phenomena of Otoacoustic Emissions, Auditory Distortion Products or combination tones.

With this work the artist explores the phenomenon by composing with four smoke detectors that are altered in such a way that he can turn them on and off, control their pitch as well as the tempo to a certain extent with potentiometers.

Instead of improvising with notes it deals with perceptual degrees, degrees of sensitivity and intensity.

You will not only be able to listen to the sounds as the situation puts you through an experience. An experience in which you, or your ears, become a part of the piece. How? Because the combination tone is produced by the ear itself.

Photo by Haris Begic

Performance at “Do Pilots Make Mistakes?” 2019        
                                                    Performance at Do Pilots Make Mistakes? 2019