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Spring Quartet 2021

Installation and sound piece using spring units from found spring mattresses. Arduino controlled solenoids are mounted to each unit,
using it to excite the material which is amplified with a contact mic.
Under each spring is a speaker representing the amplification of the material above.

KABK Graduation Show, 2021

For thousands of years we have been doing. We do to live, to survive.
Today we live in a goal driven society.
Where we do for more than the sake of our basic needs.
However, when doing nothing, or when we are not actively stimulating ourselves, we might see,
hear or experience things that go easily unnoticed in our usual state of doing.

When doing nothing, we are, and to be is the ground for doing.

Spring quartet is an exploration of being, or doing nothing and the sounds I have encountered in this state of being.

Spring Quartet at "Actie!" in The Grey Space in he Middle 
Actie!, The Grey Space in the Middle